Captain Nikolakis Skiathos Swimming Trips is an alternative day trip for 10 people maximum, in a traditional Greek fishing boat, promoting a natural fisherman friendly lifestyle. If you are both a fan of swimming and a nature lover, this is the ultimate experience for you.Have an exciting day at sea in the turquoise-blue waters of the Aegean, surrounded by stunning coastlines and beautiful secluded remote beaches.This trip is designed for the swimmer who enjoys coastal swimming, sunbathing and freshly cooked on board traditionally Greek food.

Free drinks are provided all day (water, beer, wine, sangria)

Our lunch includes Fresh fish, calamari, fisherman’s risotto, homemade bread (zymoto), sea urchins, octopus salad and fruits (watermelon, melon).

Our day trip has no music & microphone touring style information. You will enjoy the peaceful sounds of the sea. Captain Nikolakis slogan is Think global-Act local .

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